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2014 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 34/13 – m/v Newa

6. Safety Recommendations

The Commission considered reasonable submitting to the Newa Owners, Reederei Erwin Strahlmann, the following safety recommendations forming the proposal of actions which may contribute to prevention of similar accidents in the future.
The State Commission on Maritime Accident Investigation has recommended to:

1) develop and include in the ship’s manager’s Security Management Book the procedures to ensure constant supervision on the part of the technical department of the ship’s manager over the repairs in the shipyard, anticipating, inter alia, situations similar to the case of Newa, when during the renovation several chief engineers have successively been embarked;

2) make systematical controls by technical inspectors of the ship’s manager the conformity of set values in the ME security systems with the technical and motion control documentation; changes of settings of the ME parameters by the crew should be agreed with the technical inspector responsible for the vessel and documented by entries in the engineer’s log book, and the information on the changes should be recorded in the duty transfer form (CL-012) filled in during the exchange of chief engineers;

3) inform the chief engineer regularly of the need to comply with the annual schedule of testing physical and chemical properties of the ME circulating oil, according to the Li-030 procedure contained in the Security Management Book, particularly when the vessel is in the yard undergoing ME repair;

4) include in the Security Management Book the procedures concerning the conduct of the crew when the vessel runs aground, including the obligation to probe depth around the vessel, check the state of the bottom ballast and fuel tanks, bilges in the holds, overboard oil spills, etc.