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Investigations lead by PKBWM

Investigations lead by PKBWM.

Vessel’s name Accident/incydent type Date of incident Status of investigation
Bielik IV Main engine failure 09/01/19 Final report
Situla Crewmember missing 10/01/19 Final report
San Diego Pilot’s fall from the pilot ladder 19/01/19 Final report
UST – 31 & WŁA 68 Collision 17/04/19 Final report
PM-WEJ-1891-A Drowning 28/04/19 Final report
KUZ – 102 Drowning 13/05/19 Final report
SWI-82 Sinking of the fishing boat 14/05/19 Final report
JAS – 57 Fatal injury 29/05/19 Final report
SXK – 6777 Drowning 10/06/19 Final report
Xela Sinking of the yacht 22/06/19 Final report
Hellot WŁA 184 Massive flooding 05/07/19 Interim report
Atlant 1 Crew member injury 31/07/19 Final report
Lilla W Fatal injury of two crew members 15/09/19 Final report
KOŁ 212Evacuation of two crew members21/10/19Simplified report
SoniaMotor boat drifted on shallow13/12/19Under investigation
Hunter & Amelia MaxCollision20/12/19Under investigation
Wakacyjna FrajdaFire on board13/05/20Under investigation
Beti MarielSinking of the yacht23/05/20Under investigation
X – Press MulhacenPilot’s fall from the pilot ladder05/06/20Under investigation
NormanGrounding30/06/20Under investigation
UranContact with shore object19/07/20Under investigation
SharkiSinking of the yacht11/08/20Under investigation
Viking IIIGrounding03/08/20Under invetigation