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2014 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 29/13 – m/t Horizon Aphrodite

6. Safety Recommendations

The State Commission on Marine Accident Investigation has considered reasonable issuing safety recommendations that form a proposal of measures, which may contribute to prevention of similar accidents in future, to the following entities.

6.1. Owner of the Horizon Aphrodite

The Commission has recommended that the shipowner, Horizon Tankers Ltd. SA Greece, should develop such procedures for preparation of the vessel to exit port that would ensure that the vessel would not be able to exit port not fully ballasted and they would allow the captain to conduct ballasting operations regardless of previously adopted operating plans and schedule of voyages.

6.2. Pilot Station in Gdańsk

The Commission has recommended that pilots should use tugboats and advise captains to use their assistance until the vessel is pulled away to the roadstead – behind the head of the eastern breakwater to the water region with safe depths (for a given draught of a vessel), taking into account weather conditions during the pilotage and manoeuvrability of a vessel.

6.3. Maritime Administration

The Commission has recommended that the Director of the Maritime Office in Gdynia should place – in the Order introducing Port regulations (Part II Chapter I: Additional provisions for the port of Gdańsk) – a provision regulating the release of tugboats from assisting vessels with large windage area (including in particular not fully ballasted vessels) exiting the port channel, not before reaching the roadstead, depending on the existing weather conditions.