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2015 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 54/14 – m/v Marichristina

6. Safety Recommendations

The Commission has received from the “Marichristina” operator information indicating that after the accident, the operator carried out a survey and analyzed the causes of the incident . Because the actions of the operator, in particular their commitment to carry out until 30 June 2016 the training for masters and deck officers on issues falling within the scope of the training course in Bridge Resource Management  fulfill the expectations of the Commission in relation to activities that may contribute to the prevention of similar maritime accidents in the future, the State Commission on Maritime Accident Investigation refrained from making safety recommendations in relation to the operator (Company).

However, the Commission draws the operator’s attention to the disparities within the meaning of the terms “accident” and “incident” used by the operator in a document prepared by the post-accident team and definitions in the SMM  and in the documents of the International Maritime Organization (IMO) regarding the investigation of marine accidents, in particular in the Casualty Investigation Code  and circulars of the IMO Maritime Safety Committee (MSC) regarding the reporting of marine casualties and incidents .

According to the Commission, the grounding of the vessel which caused its immobilization and inability to continue the journey (even for a short period of time) cannot be classified as an incident, and limiting the definition of an accident to mere cases of uncontrollable events resulting in death or injury of a mariner, damage to the environment or property, excessively narrows this notion.