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2017 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 46/15 – tug boat ZEUS

7. Safety Recommendations

The State Marine Accident Investigation Commission has deemed reasonable to refer to the following entities safety recommendations representing the proposals of measures that may contribute to the prevention of similar accidents in the future.

7.1.  The Ship Operator – Zakład Usług Żeglugowych

In relation to the corrective actions taken by the operator of the tug boat Zeus in the period from the occurrence of the fire until the date of the report, as to tug boat fire-fighting equipment and the anti-alcohol policy, which largely fulfil the recommendations made by the Commission during the accident investigation, the Commission decided not to issue any recommendations in these matters. Nevertheless the State Marine Accident Investigation Commission has recommended that the company Zakład Usług Żeglugowych Sp. z o.o. & Co. in Szczecin should:

1)  create a mechanism of control of alarm drills organized and carried out by the masters of tug boats, which would ensure verification that the drills are attended by the whole crew regardless of their individual tasks and functions performed on a tug boat;

2) correct the fire control plan of the tug boat “Zeus” as to correctness of the symbols used on it; the Commission found out that there was no manually operated call point installed on board of the tug boat, but the fire control plan contains symbol of such an installation. 

7.2.  Polish Register of Shipping SA

The State Marine Accident Investigation Commission has recommended that the Polish Register of Shipping SA should upgrade Part V “Fire Protection” of the “Rules for the Classification and Construction of Sea-going Vessels” by introducing an obligation to make the modernization, involving the installation of the fire detection and alarm systems in the accommodation and working spaces of tug boats flying Polish flag, built before 1986 with more than 5 crew members. The deadline for modernization should be adjusted to the date of the nearest class survey but not later than the end of 2018.

8. Recommendations of the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK)

8.1.  Municipal Rescue Service (Räddningstjänsten Västra Blekinge)

Since Räddningstjänsten Västra Blekinge (Municipal Rescue Service) has taken due action from experience of the rescue operation (see 6.1) SHK refrains from issuing any recommendations.

8.2.  Dispatch Centre (SOS Alarmcentral) Växjö

SOS Alarmcentral Växjö (the alarm dispatch centre) is recommended to ensure that operational personnel at all times are able to handle the equipment needed for their task.

8.3.  Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB)

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency, MSB, in cooperation with SMA, STA and the Coast Guard, is recommended to enhance knowledge within municipal rescue services about the possibility to get in contact with administrations and authorities with shipping knowledge when needed.