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2015 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 30/14 – m/v Langballig

6. Safety Recommendations

The State Commission on Maritime Accident Investigation deemed it appropriate to send the recommendations aimed at improving technical condition of propulsion that had a direct impact on the safety of navigation to the shipowner of “Langballig”, i.e. Brise Bereederung GmbH & Co. KG Kg.

The State Commission on Maritime Accident Investigation has recommended that the shipowner should include in the system of planned overhaul and repair of “Langballig” the oil pump of the adjustable propeller hub, together with the electric motor and keep these devices in good technical condition as well as he should observe the timing of overhaul and repair of all propulsion elements and components to operate that system according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Furthermore, the Commission deemed it appropriate to draw the attention of the towing company Fairplay Towage Poland     Sp. z o.o Sp. k. that their practice of not accepting orders for towing services from ships’ captains and waiting for information (service request) from ships’ agents  was incompatible with good seamanship. The captain of the ship, just as the ship’s agent is a representative of a shipowner. Calling for the assistance of tug boats by the captain, and particularly by the captain of a ship which is in an emergency situation, such as “Langballig”, should be treated just like an order of a duty officer of the harbour master’s office or the VTS operator. Calling tug boats and ordering to send them to the vessel were aimed at maintaining the safety of navigation on the fairway and preventing the occurrence of an emergency.