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2014 Safety recommendations from the final report WIM 06/13 – m/v Ju Da

6. Safety Recommendations

The State Commission on Maritime Accident Investigation considered reasonable to submit to Inspectis Poland Ltd in Gdynia, the company employing the injured cargo inspector, safety recommendations suggesting steps to be undertaken in order to prevent similar incidents in the future. The Commission has recommended:

1. Developing procedures regulating the entry of the cargo inspectors into the enclosed spaces aboard including the identification, assessment, and control of risks associated with entering and staying in such premises.

2. Developing a list of tasks to be performed or verification activities (checklist) before sampling the hold of the vessel, depending on the type of load to be controlled. Such tasks or activities should include, among others:

a) a review of personal protective equipment (safety shoes, helmet, gloves, respirator, safety harness),

b) checking the state and security of ladders used by inspectors,

c) checking lighting in the sampling places,

d) determining whether the cargo has been fumigated, and if so, whether the holds have been adequately ventilated by the crew,

e) checking the state of atmosphere in the premises where the inspector enters with a certified measuring instrument.

3. Obliging the inspectors to observe the accepted procedures, and use the checklist, and to confirm that the tasks have been performed or checking the activities described in the checklist before entering the hold.

4. Conducting regular trainings for cargo inspectors in respect of safe entry into enclosed spaces aboard.

5. Equipping the controllers with personal gas concentration measuring instruments and providing trainings in the use of such devices.

6. Equipping the inspectors designated to do the sampling of cargo in the holds of a vessel with standard safety harness, which facilitate the evacuation in the event of the loss of consciousness in the hold (the ladder way).